A word from Claude Guérin, optician, founder of Optomorphisme

Sensitised at a very young age, by a great flautist father and a painter mother, to the Laws of Composition and Harmony as well as the precepts of the “Golden Section”, throughout my career I have tried to apply all of this knowledge to the search for a subtle correlation between different face shapes and the need for glasses. He always strives to be the architect of true reconciliation between this optical necessity and Self-Esteem, because we consider it essential that our clients love their glasses! Hence the freedom that we can claim with respect to the method where the “frame” should remain at the service of the Advice, knowing that it’s your face and your personality that need to be highlighted by the glasses and not the reverse.

equipe-Claude-2At European level, around 4 years ago a series of interventions in Spain saw us become integrated into an industrial research group developed by INDO in Barcelona as part of the MADE4U Project, designed to focus on the automated manufacturing of custom glasses through face scanning! This R&D program, funded by the European Community, brought ten partners of different nationalities together. This constant requirement for INNOVATION has seen us to be praised by the professional press with numerous publications in journals such as: l’Opticien Lunetier, L’essentiel de l’Optique, Bien VU, Opti-News etc, and in Impulsion, the journal from the CCI Haute Savoie. BTS DISPENSING OPTICIAN – Lycée Fresnel May 1968

Further Training:

  • Sales Technique Training at CCI Marseille in 1971
  • Sales Technique Training at CCI Annecy in 1973
  • Instructor Training Course, KEOPS Institute in Annecy
  • Applied Psychology Internship Training at ENNEAGRAMME in PARIS

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