Heir of a great lineage of Cambodian traders, and fed by this fact, extreme Eastern artistic sensitivity full of delicacy, combined with listening and a good attention span, I filled my childhood with painstaking manual work (recycling of paper, pottery, jewellery etc). It was then that I came to live in Paris from primary school age; French culture has instilled in me its remarkable rigour and structure of thought;

Therefore, at a time of great career choices, I felt naturally drawn to scientific studies, finding that all these complementarities come together particularly in the exercise of the profession of optician.
In 2011, I got my BTS-Dispensing Optician at the AEPO in Paris, which I later built on with Optical Professional Degree from ORSAY, completing this together with my DU in OPTOMETRY and my DU in CONTACT LENSES.

It was shortly after that when the opportunity arose for me to attend OPTOMORPHISTE training lead by Mr. GUERIN.
It was a revelation, because I understood then that it was possible to combine the true aesthetic approach I needed with the Advice that is so important in this business.
Experience later showed me the correctness of the approach, and the quality of persuasion that I could now have through the precision of the argument developed.


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