The client Winner

A new approach to “Facings” that will immediately reach the “target market”

How to justify a traditional presentation (Men, Women, Children) which is completely unbalanced due to the fact that the optician has, on average, twice as many women’s frames and men’s, and in addition, our androgynous fashion means that 70% of frames are unisex.

How to justify a presentation totally focused on each brand, knowing that within each of them, there are plenty of similar models on the grounds that it is “Fashion” that imposes its dictates?

How is it not surprising that the shoe merchant stocks its products by size, while the Optician stocks its frames all mixed up?

Given these ambiguities, our client has every reason to feel helpless, unable to determine what they need!
A strategy even more negative than if you are experiencing a period of commercial overactiveness, you cannot even let them wait for you while looking at the frames that may suit them!

That is why the customer enjoys a selective orientation in the presentation of the frames.

The optician Winner

A significantly reduced frame 

If it is well managed, at the end of the reception phase lasting 5 minutes you will have immediate knowledge of the product to offer (style, size, shape, colour and position of the hinges!)

Trying on three or four selected frames is enough to make sure you are in tune with the client’s expectations.

You know how to get to the point and never get lost in multiple try-ons that only add to the confusion.

You are able to gently but firmly steer your client towards what suits them, respecting their desire to check your statements with some additional trying-on.

Finally you will remove any doubts and ambiguities when the customer hesitates in their final choice.

This approach is fundamental, because it is here that you will earn the trust of your client by means of the relevance and professionalism of your advice.
The sale of lenses will also be greatly simplified by the trust that you will be granted.


The client Winner

Development of a sense of “well-being” through the harmony found between their personality and the product recommended.
The Optician will have done some real Coaching work, allowing this necessary reconciliation between the need to wear glasses and wearing them with pleasure!

With a first purely aesthetic integration:

The analysis of all anatomical parameters to consider (face shape, height of the cheekbones and brow lines, PD, nasal hook) will then open up two possibilities: either “accentuating” the facial features or “softening” towards the oval barrel, between using the frame as a compensation or rebalancing element!

A second integration related to their emotional expectations or specific needs, as they have been identified during the welcome phase

The argument then develops taking into account these two legitimate requirements, giving the customer the feeling of being fully understood and recognised in their own originality.

Their glasses will then truly be part of them!

The Optician Winner

Credibility in speech and in attitudesThrough the establishment of clear and precise arguments, which passes through random therefore subjective and emotional language to concrete and therefore reassuring and objective language;

Optician feels driven by a non-invasive persuasion force, which gives way to concise, clear and bright speech.

With a fully benevolent attitude towards their client, the Optician provides all the arguments (i.e. the keys) that will help to contradict any potential critics who decry the choice.
So subconsciously, the client appropriates their Optician’s discourse allowing them to justify the quality of their choice.
Therefore through their purchase the client feels they have gained a new aesthetic culture, which allows them to appreciate the skills of their adviser.

Through the implementation of an appropriate gesture that is both intimate and reserved.

Experienced and seen during the training sessions, this behaviour can be used to switch from a “professorial attitude” where Knowledge is imposed, to a peer-to-peer route towards a new awareness between what works and what doesn’t!

Beyond a simple explanatory or supporting approach, the ability to sustain it at the level of the emotions of the CLIENT!!!


The client Winner

Client’s side: High expectation of consistency in the rationale
secondary to an increasingly nomadic and mobile lifestyle, combined with a fear of making mistakes with their purchase, faced with too much choice!

By means of: An advisory approach that is not within the personality of the seller, but knowledge shared by the entire team.
A rigorous argument BUILT on the same aesthetic perception.
A common language for the whole sales team,

And this is the basic principle, which is now essential, to “sit” the personality of the store, faced with a future client called in to see their Optician several times on days or at times when their adviser may be different.

Imagine the dismay of the client who, a few days after preselection with a vendor, returns again to make the purchase and the other vendor offers them radically different frames???

Imagine their surprise and satisfaction when on the day they come to collect their glasses, the person who gives them to them and who has never seen them before, congratulates them on their frame selection by repeating one or two arguments made by the first seller!

The Optician Winner

Optician’s side: Urgent need for consistency across the network
Certainly one of the most basic needs of our modern world.

Three fundamental pieces of evidences point to the tangible and intangible benefits, for the Optician, which arise directly from this need.

1 In the case of a chain or several stores, the evidence is self-evident that the customer expects to find the same type of approach, the same nature and professionalism in the advice given whether the store selected is in Lille, Brest or Toulouse!!!!!

2 There is no doubt that sharing the same professional values, and the same quality of advice greatly contributes to the cohesion of the sales team; they understand each other better, trust each other, which unites the team and helps with its cohesion.

3 Finally in terms of the immediate profitability of the retail outlet, the effects will be felt directly through a very qualitative improvement in stock management

Just as it will be sensitive to the coherence between its products and the design of its stores as constitutive of its brand and its marketing positioning, the Optician must attach the same priority to the advice provided by its entire staff and the good fit of its “Product Offer!”
The consistency of its stock will be proven not through “impulse” or “on-trend” purchases, but through the knowledge that they will have that said product is the answer to the client’s specific aesthetic problem.
In this sense, a statistical analysis of the pupillary distance of its clients can be very profitable, while a statement about their face shape will be extremely informative.


The client Winner

A warm and knowledgeable ear for their deepest needs.
In a profession that is sometimes difficult to understand by the general public and which is at the intersection of multiple requirements (scientific, commercial, technicians and managers) our clients feel recognised, respected, and I dare say loved!
This is why the “client – supplier” relationship changes quickly in nature and becomes more open to friendly, more confidential thus more fulfilling for all!

The optician WInner

Move from being a Product Vendor to a Seller of Advice.
And that is how the Optician and sales team are changing their profession from a purely marketing to a more liberal, nobler and more rewarding approach.

Thus the Optician provides a real coaching service, which completely tones down the act of buying a pair of glasses; With them things are simple, even fun, and the stress of the current complexity of this type of purchase is quickly forgotten!

Conclusion :

How is Optomorphisme’s interest concretely reflected for the Customer

• They find their Optician to be the Master of the best image of themselves in their quest for fulfilment and well-being.
• The quality of their advice is such that they have no reason to look elsewhere.

Conclusion :

How is Optomorphisme’s interest concretely reflected for the Optician

• Original positioning based on thorough knowledge and making it stand out from the competition.
• Opportunities for new lines in your communication strategy.
• A new-found freedom relative to the “tyranny” of the lowest bidder and the “lowest price”/span>
• A “substantial” increase in your average sales.
• An improvement in your stock management.
• Stimulating creativity through new perfectly mastered boldness.

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