In our profession, we meet many vendors, firmly convinced that what they consider “their instinctive good taste” (especially if it is backed by good practical experience) is sufficient to advise the client effectively.

That’s what concerns us, demonstrating “shortsightedness”!!! Because the weakness of their weak arguments will highlight their lack of aesthetic knowledge.

While the increasingly “educated” Customer is not deceived, and if they often have to deal with several vendors who each claim to provide their “expert” point of view…… The whole store that will be discredited in the face of such a lack of consistency.

Yet, in most cases, these advisers are sincere, applied and full of goodwill! But stuck in their personal aesthetic “culture”, they inevitably fall into the trap of projecting their own taste onto the customer!

A serious error since the customer does not necessarily have the same taste as them.

Hence the pathetically inadequate argument because we recognise that just saying “ah! they suit you”, “I like those on you”, “they’re very trendy”, “this is what is happening right now”, “they’re coming out” or worse still “These are designer glasses”!!!….. It’s still weak and unconvincing……

This is where OPTOMORPHISME will provide the answer to this shortcoming by acting on three levels:
Firstly giving the seller, THE specific aesthetic knowledge required.
Then allowing them to build a striking and irrefutable explanatory argument.
Finally through role playing, allowing them to master appropriate and fundamental accompanying body language.

This acquired mastery will help to establish a complicit relationship where this knowledge is no longer imposed (like a teacher!) but part of a change in the customer’s level of consciousness where the latter can be lead to discover that what suits them is not necessarily what they like!

Thus they will be really grateful for being comfortable explaining the reasons for their choice to those around them.


To finish with “Innate Good Taste”

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